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Kaden James McNeil (born October 11, 1988), better known by the mononym KADEN is an American recording artist, entertainer and humanitarian. He was an MTV featured artist in 2011. His work has been featured on MTV The Real World: Las Vegas, the final two episodes of The Hills and his song “A Boy Like Me” is the theme song to The A-List: New York. Kaden’s music video for “A Boy Like Me” which he co-directed and produced has also aired on MTV and other Viacom networks and filmed a televised interview with NewNowNext PopLab.


Press Release

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“With hundreds of thousands of adoring fans, Kaden expresses his gratitude to them by saying, “I am so thankful for all of my fans. I work for them and am so glad that we are connecting on a real and deep level. We are sharing our lives together and the bond we have can’t be broken.”

Kaden James Life

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Born in Hayward, California, Kaden was adopted and raised in Livermore until he was ten and was uprooted to the small town of Emmett, Idaho. Kaden found his passion for entertainment while performing for family and friends, which later led to acting in stage productions, performing in talent shows and becoming a worship leader at his church. He escaped a rough childhood and bullying though characters he portrayed and started writing music at the age of twelve and never stopped.

Kaden graduated early from high school and moved to Los Angeles at 18. At times, he worked three jobs just to afford the high studio costs and his rent while he shared a cramped one bedroom house with four roommates. He went through many ups and downs, after the restaurant he had gained a promotion at closed unexpectedly he searched for a new job to no avail. Kaden then briefly found himself living in a homeless shelter, it was during this very difficult time that he wrote “Alone”, a song he would later record which would help create a buzz. Once he found another job and was able to get on his feet he started working with several producers and posting the songs online. He then shot a short EPK video and in a short amount of time Kaden had gained tens of thousands of fans on Myspace.

Press Release about kaden

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“You may not yet know the name KADEN, but it’s possible you are one of millions that have heard his songs on various popular shows. Still unsigned and in the middle of recording his debut album. Kaden has been approached time and again, with his project gaining the attention of popular networks and professionals in the industry. Most recently this singer/songwriter has had his music played on international radio stations, countless magazine interviews and was the soundtrack to the lives played out during the final two episodes of MTV’s ‘The Hills’. Kaden’s track “A Boy Like Me” is currently the theme song for the new show “The A-List: New York”. We have no doubt that one day many people the world over will know his name. You’re reading this, so now….you do! ”

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